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 Ding  Shanshan  Editor       Shanshan Ding is an Associate Consultant with Webster Pacific LLC. Ms. Ding graduated from the University of California Berkeley in 2012 with a Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. While pursuing her degree, Shanshan worked for FormFactor Inc. as a Process Engineer to increase throughput and reduced rework. At Webster Pacific, Shanshan performs data analysis and research for a variety of clients.  
 Najam  Saqiba  Admin        
 Paper  Tom  Admin       Tom Paper is the Founder of Data360 and the Managing Partner of Webster Pacific LLC, a consulting firm that provides business intelligence, strategic planning and interim CFO services. He founded Data360 to bring the rigor and objectivity of business reporting to the world outside of business. He currently sits on the boards of Lewis Bolt & Nut Company and Mendocino Forest Products. Mr. Paper received his undergraduate degree from Williams College and his MBA from Stanford University.  
 Saniski  Daniel  Admin       Daniel is a consultant for Webster Pacific LLC and the managing editor for data360. He received a BA in English and a BA in Comparative Literature from Penn State. He then got a Masters of Library and Information Science (MLIS) from The University of Pittsburgh. 
 Saniski  Daniel  Admin        
 Tseng  Emily  Editor